Govan Graving Docks: Where Do Your Councillors Stand?

Surely the opportunity to bring marine industry back to Govan Graving Docks is something our local Councillors would welcome with open arms and do all they can to support? That’s the gauntlet we throw down to them.

If you live in the Govan Ward get along to your councillors surgeries, your MP/MSP surgeries and make you voice heard by those who need your votes.


As reported in the Evening Times (Super-yachts and river taxis could be set for the Clyde, Wed 24th April 2018), it is extremely disappointing to see the SNP councillors in Govan nailing their colours to New City Vision’s mast.

Ferguson Marine are putting forward a golden opportunity for skilled jobs, training, modern apprenticeships, tourism and more that will benefit the economy of Govan for decades if it goes ahead. Yet it seems the only long-term work these councillors want to see on the graving docks is a few retail and hospitality jobs.

Along with the Govan Docks Regeneration Trust we have been meeting community groups in Govan, we’ve been talking to people in the street and the almost unanimous consensus is that the people of Govan don’t want to see a high rise yuppie ghetto built on the graving docks for people who will commute and spend their…

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