We are rolling out a broad consultation with the community and stakeholders following on from the initial consultation work that has already been done by the Clyde Docks Preservation Initiative.

A vital part of this process is to gauge public awareness, as well as find out what people want to happen next. You can give your opinion on the online questionnaire below.

The next stages of our consultation process will involve:

  1. Conversations with local organisations in Govan
  2. Conversations with businesses in Govan
  3. Conversations with  organisations throughout Glasgow and the Clyde region
  4. Conversations with the maritime industry
  5. Conversations with national bodies

We also plan to hold a series of mini-charrette type events, to build the conversation about how the public areas of the Govan Graving Docks site can be developed, in parallel with the proposals to bring the dry docks back into use for ship repair.

Design Competition

CDPI initiated a design competition for final year architecture students to produce concepts and ideas for how Govan Graving Docks could be sympathetically regenerated. Govan Docks Regeneration Trust will be including the work that the students produce in our conversations and events looking at the future of the docks.

Even if the bid from Jim McColl and Ferguson Marine to bring the docks back into use for ship repair is successful, it will be important for Govan Docks Regeneration Trust to continue the conversation about what would happen if the docks were ever to close down again. We hope and are optimistic that will never happen – but if it did then our aim would be to ensure the docks never again fall into the hands of speculative property developers. This would mean looking at alternative uses for the dry docks, suitable funding models to maintain them in working order while mothballed and potentially looking at options for community ownership. The design competition will be critical to help inform that conversation.